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-old gospel. jason carol, cnn, new york. >> go harlem. go harlem. soledad o'brien examines questions about skin color and race. who is black in america appears sunday, december 9, only on cnn. big fan of harlem. >>> here are other stories we are watching tonight for you. after 127 days in space, astronaut sunita williams is back on earth. with after the astronautes from japan and russia, they arrived in kazzic zan. th kazakhstan. during the trip she broke the record for time of women walking in space. >>> vice president joe biden was in new jersey, visiting areas destroyed by superstorm sandy. he volunteered seaside heights, meeting first responders who lost their homes in the storm. he talked about his personal connection to the region and pledged long-term help. >>> during superstorm sandy, chris christie was firm about the importance of evacuating and unhappy with those who stayed in harm's way. christie stopped by saturday night live last night for a self parody for his hard nosed communication style. he dished out some hard jabs, including to those of us in the media. >> i do not thin
in harlem, still being moved by the age-old gospel. jason carol, cnn, new york. >> go harlem. go harlem. soledad o'brien examines provocative questions about skin color, discrimination and race in our new documentary "who is black in america?" premieres sunday, december 9th, only on cnn. big fan of harlem. >>> here are other stories we are watching tonight for you. after 127 days in space, astronaut sunita williams is back on earth. williams along with astronauts from japan and russia landed couldn't in kazakhstan. the trio spent most of the past four months aboard the international space station. during the trip she broke the women's record for time spent space-walking. she clocked 50 hours and 40 minutes. >>> vice president joe biden was in new jersey, visiting areas destroyed by superstorm sandy. biden visited a volunteer fire department in seaside heights. meeting first responders who lost their homes in the storm. he talked about his personal connection to the region and pledged long-term help. >>> during superstorm sandy, new jersey governor chris christie was firm about the impor
safe haven in harlem. that's what's going on in our world up next. >>> our world with black enterprise is sponsored by the toyota prius. those who get it, get it. ♪ i lay my eyes on the prize ♪ something happening in the skies ♪ ♪ she's doing it to me ♪ you've been a lesson to this bird ♪ ♪ oh ♪ i just can't wait to explore ♪ you're all i need, what you doing to me ♪ innocence the toyota prius, those who get it, get it. download a free black enterprise welcome kit, research stocks, learn how to get rid of debt, boost your credit score and save towards financial goals. register for our award winning event. the black entrepreneur event. you'll find all this and >>> welcome back to "our world with black enterprise." his southern swag and woody lyrics put him on the map in the late '90ed. our rap is the self proclaimed trouble man about his family and more. >> thanks for spending some time with me. >> my pleasure. >> you're in new york on the book tour. tell us about this first leg of the book tour. >> we're out here reaching the primary outlets to promote the release o
in neighborhoods, there's a reason why my first trip as chairman was to go to harlem and hold a town hall in harlem the tuesday after my election as national chairman and the response to that was, why are you in harlem? that's where the voters are. so the core effort by the national party was to push down to the state parties to generate that energy remembering where we were coming from, '06 and '08. we didn't have -- >> i'm not -- minimizing the symbolism. >> jettison that. >> the symbolism of reaching out and since you left being chair, that went away and that's a big problem for the party. but to become a majority party -- >> yes. >> ideas, leaders, organizations. >> absolutely. >> coordination between the national party and congressional wing, nothing. >> didn't happen. true. >> and maybe stop talking about rape. that's my little asterisk to the end of that. we have to go to break. thank you as always to the reverend al sharpton for his insight. >> i leave you with the chairman and your $2. >> we're in good hands. >> news zombies. >> chairman and my two zombie darls. join reverend al sharpton f
side of chicago, go to detroit, go to harlem. talk about values. talk about conservative principles in a way that does two things, one, you're effective and, two, you're not insulting. they haven't been able to articulate the message without being insulting. i think moving forward you'll be able to see leaders do that extremely well. you'll continue to see hoerz that slip when it comes to this. >> richard, do you want to chime in on that? >> i would just say what lenny said and also to what former congressman gingrich said that it's more about meetings and it's about more than meetings and about more than engagement. republican party is going to have to change some of its policies to address these fundamental issues in this country and the changing, you know, the changing dem graphics in this country and what people are interested in seeing solutions to. if you don't solve the immigration problem, you could have meetings. can you have engagement. if you have no solutions on immigration, people who are concerned about those issues are not going to support you. >> it's not just immigr
in a dorm. that's very prevalent on college campuses. if you go a few blocks north in harlem, people are stopped sever times in a block in a stop-and-frisk policy aimed at union african americans, supposedly not for racial reasons but because specific neighborhoods are targeted. and so there's a kind of quality that deracinates what is in fact race and class vector of enormous power. >> rose: once in prison what, is the level of recidivism. >> about 70% of people released from prison return within a few years. and the majority of those who return in some states actually do so in a matter of months. not because they don't want to work or because they don't want to get their lives back together but because the challenges can associated with mere survival once you've been branded a criminal or felon are so immense. i think many people have a general understanding, once you've been branded a felon, life is hard. but what they don't realize is you space legal discrimination for the rest of your life. for the rest of your life you have to check that box on employment applications. you can
an english literature major in college and you're going up to charter school, the dream charter school in harlem and you were delivering what to them? >> well i'm here for one purpose and that's for literacy program, the capital one and heart of america foundation have teamed up, they've been teaming up for about ten years now. we're giving out books. we're going to give out over a thousand books today at the harlem school. they've been responsible for over a million books distributed over the course of their relationship together. so this is a fantastic initiative. >> why is that so important to you? >> because i think it teaches things that you can only learn through books. we live in a culture that's fast-paced. you get internet, you want information, you get it right now. books teach us patience. they teach us all kinds of things like that. >> what does mountain climbing teach you? >> having gone up mount kilimanjaro last year, that teaches you patience, too. just trying to do things that are bigger than yourself. that's my hope. >> incredible. >> did you ever l
to go to church in harlem. black churches are becoming tourist attractions for european visitors. jason carroll has this edition of "black in america." >> reporter: the gospel choir had paris hichltparishoners on . this is harlem, new york. take a second look at this congregation and you'll see the black church here changing. >> inspiring and i definitely will come back. why not? >> reporter: tourists, many european, have been packing the pews of harlem churches in increasing numbers. michael henry adams specializes in harlem's history. >> it is voyeurism to a degree. i thought of it as something bad initially but it's learning more about each other and there's nothing bad in that. >> reporter: what's happening is not just white tourism but of something greater. do you see the identity of harlem shifting or changing? >> demographically, would you have to see that there is a change. the harlem of my youth, when i would come to harlem, doesn't look the same. >> reporter: statistics show hispanics and whites outpacing the number of blacks moving into harlem. >> you can no longer make the a
the nearby marsh. another problem is trying to find gasoline >> . we will go to our abc affiliate in new york. these are live pictures from a gas station in harlem, located on 145th street. it's one of the only gas stations in harlem to have gas at this hour. i hope we will be able to get to the live pictures. you see them now. people waiting for gas. a lot of these people have been waiting six hours. you can see nypd officers making sure everyone is calm because some people have been arrested this morning because tempers are flaring as people have been waiting for hours in their cars. some people have been standing in line, holding gas judge walking up to the gas station waiting in long lines to get gas. this is one of the only gas stations in the area that has power and it gets gas from a local supplier. that's why it has been able to keep gas during this aftermath of hurricane sandy man has hit that area quite hard. 145th street in harlem, live. that's the case throughout the tristate area, with just a small number of gas stations open. in new jersey, 60% of gas stations are closed. in lon
the seat. we're going to update it, bring it into the year 2012. ♪ >> lara, i really need your help with this television stand. >> reporter: we paid a house call on renita cooley. in harlem. what is this? >> it's a stand. >> reporter: would you go with a pop of color? >> yeah that would be great. >> reporter: sky's the limit official. >> this would be a great color. >> reporter: i'm using chinese red. >> this to be $10 -- >> reporter: sharon asking me for help on 6-year-old daughter audrey's first desk. audrey, what would you like your desk to look like? >> green and black. >> reporter: mom, what do you think about that? >> green and black. hey, if it gets her to do her homework, okay. >> time for the big reveal. i'm going to start with sharon and audrey, do you want to see your new desk. >> come over here. >> oh! what do you think? >> i love it! >> i know you said you wanted it to be gray and green. i thought these reminded me of lollipops. i hope you have great homework sessions and good coloring, too. we you've to renita who wanted a television table. are you ready? >> yes, i am.
's a limo ride to go vote. wiley funeral homes offers seniors a chance to get to the polling locations in style. they will pick up people in harlem park wood lawn and owings mills. we will have exact locations at >>> voters nationwide are getting ready to head to the polls casting their ballots in less than an hour. polling places will be a buzz across the country. >> absolutely. and all the eyes are on a few key battleground states and those voters could determine which candidates become the next president. >> let's look at what's happening now. this morning, in the important swing states. >> reporter: i am from cincinnati and polls here in hamilton county are preparing to open. a cold start to the day as voters head out on this election day. but of course, not too many people worried about the weather as all eyes are on ohio. many experts say whoever takes hamilton county is more than likely to take ohio. i have been in cleveland and voting weather is expected to be rate. no rain in the forecast. temperature wise mid-40s ohio is the state to watch in this presidential e
as we come back. as we go to break, i want you to take a look at seth's kids from democracy prep harlem campus teaching all of us about civil responsibility. ♪ >>> welcome back. we have been discussing the content of what we teach our children to help them grow up to be constructive and productive citizens on democracy. has high-stake testing killed social studies? are you making a claim that the testing is the most important? i keep thinking i think politics is fascinating. how can they know so little? >> i think performance pressure on teachers sets up really weird incentives. we don't want teachers to be productivity machines. i believe as much about the bottom 10% as the top 10%. the testing from no child left behind is concerning to a lot of us. i didn't know what you were doing. i always learn something watching melissa harris-perry. one of the programs that jumped out is there is a lot of stupidity in how our elite deals with politics. after the health care, a lot of the coverage was, how are people reacting? there were a lot of polls, did people support or oppose the health ca
for the harlem globetrotters. >> reporter: she played point guard for the penguins women division 2 basketball team in dominican. >> high percentage shot go for the basket. >> reporter: after graduating with an nba in global management -- mba in global management she dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player. >> we always talked about me playing professionally overseas and one day the harlem globetrotters sent me an email to work out. i said what, who? the harlem globetrotters? wow. that's amazing. >> reporter: tammy is the tenth woman to don the uniform and its rich 87-year history. >> it's an more for. you dream of playing professional basketball but never dream of playing on a men's team. now, to say i play with men every day, it's cool. >> reporter: she attributes a lot of her success to her time at dominican college where she led the team with 29 steals and averaged 16 points a game. >> when she called me and told me she made the harlem globetrotters i was more excited than she was. somebody that i coached playing for the i don't know trotters. awesome. >> reporter: the oakland
to them but who is by teeing the vouchers to the and mail and al gore was asked in the debate in harlem and he was running for president as he was beholden to the teachers' unions a black reporter said if you are so big on the public schools then why do your kids go to private schools? he got angry and said don't bring my children and to this. way to. [laughter] hold on. not so fast. is great to start another fox news but why is that the only game in town? they have 10 times the ratings of cnn but it has not occurred two msnbc they are getting higher ratings of wonder if we should try being fair and balanced? [applause] just a small point* i am doing peers market and a few weeks. the reason i have been avoiding it because the pre-tapes than edits i just want it to be live by don't mice naughty remarks back to be added did out. that is all i asked. [applause] i probably but not get it but and example was i was in l.a. more than our jeht chatting with ted koppel. yes, but he is still alive. [laughter] we were arguing the entire time finally said he will take a 302nd club and put it out of
was to harlem for a town hall meeting. and people looked at me and said why are you going there. i said because that's where the votes are. if we don't go to communities around the country that don't look like typical republicans we're going to go to the way of the wigs. host: the republicans should listen to the dems, they know how to run and win. guest: i think there are lessons to learn. i looked at the strategies that the democratic national committee under howard dean's leadership put into position. and he got vilified for a 50 state strategy just as i did. you don't appreciate why are you putting money in arkansas or south dakota or ga well where we're going to elect republicans. you get that momentum of electing people and spending time and money on the ground to build the party from the grass roots up makes all the difference in the world - host: let me share with you a cup of key demographic areas. as we move down to the issue of race mitt romney getting 59% of the white vote the president 39% of the white vote but the president getting a vast majority of the black, hispanic asian and
and in the process help them do better in high school and college and life. >> i am going to follow up beach author's introduction with one quick question and get to the next topic. you wrote a book a few years ago while you were reporting for the new york times on the harlem children -- you wrote a book called however it takes, and we very aggressively pursued a promised neighborhood grant from the federal government to try to replicate the model. yesterday one of the students read you a paragraph you had written three your four years ago and your response was a lot of this book is my repudiation of what i wrote then. tell me, i read this book as sort of a validation of the science behind why the wraparound cradle to college model makes sense in the harlem children zone, but what about this book, is this book a confirmation of the strategy or is a deviation from what you thought then? >> i think what i was trying to say, this particular line i had in 2006 where i talk about middle-class values being an important part and a lot of this is trying to look more deeply at the question of values to look
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's ethiopian, adopted by swedish parents. >> don't be naive about the questions that are going to come, like race has a place. >> reporter: brought up with a strong sense of self, samuelsson now feels at home in harlem, where he lives and has a restaurant. the summervilles say being open about race and having black role models in calle's life will help when the challenges do come. >> there are differences. and celebrate the differences. >> reporter: for now, for this family, that is enough. jason carol, cnn, oakland, california. >>> soledad o'brien examines provocative questions about skin color, discrimination and race in "who is black in america." the documentary premieres sunday, december 9th, at 8:00 eastern only here on cnn. >>> any minute now, president obama expected to meet with his cabinet. they're at the white house. first meeting here since the re-election. find out what may be happening today behind closed doors. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. profess
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)